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Taxus baccata 'Repandens' English Weeping Yew
One of the oldest known trees of English yew is in Wales with a circumference of 47 ft. at an age of 4,000 years. Trees have been known to reach 85 ft. tall with an 8 ft. girth. OK, this is not the yew you plant under your living room window. Many of these older ‘sacred’ trees were gathering spots for ceremonies and spiritual services. As time went on, churches and small towns were built around them. English yew is a slow growing tree tolerant of shade. It does best in moist, well-drained alkaline or acidic soil. Produces a fleshy red berry favored by birds. Our Hungary seed source is a Zone 5 and will less likely “burn” in the winter. Plan for the next 4,000 years. Plant a few now. -20 •F hardiness or more if planted in a wind protected area.
This weeping smaller version is great for landscaping applications.

Pricing Info:

15-18"  $64.00
18-24"  $84.00

Item #183

Our price $64.00 

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